MARKX is a contemporary artist, songwriter & creative entrepreneur. Against all advice, in 2013, he walked out of a successful corporate career to pursue his dream in the music industry. He has written for artists with the writers behind Beyoncè, Backstreet Boys, JLO, Leann Rimes and many more and is now embarking on his own artist journey with the release of 4 self-penned EP’s: songs to about love, life, laughter and loss. Captivating storytelling woven around beautifully crafted melodies.

Poppy Loroe

Poppy Loroe is a groundbreaking independent British artist based in Bristol, UK.

Her voice is a cool mix of rich velvety tones laced with a sassy, rhythmic edge.

Her self penned songs provide a unique insight into life as a modern young female in 2020. As an eczema sufferer Poppy is a champion for

body confidence and positivity.


Katie Sinclair

Lucy May Gibbs

Sandra Donald

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